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Hole 9

Par 5

White Course: 537 yards
Yellow Course: 492 yards
Red Course: 466 yards

This is the signature hole on the course, a difficult par 5 with a sharp dog-leg to the left.

Two tee positions are available on this hole creating different aspects for the drive. One tee is positioned at the edge of the larger of the two adjacent lakes with a tee shot needing to carry over an expanse of water to the corner of the dogleg some 200 yards away. A pull to the left is likely to go out of bounds – the further right the shot the longer the carry of water. The hole length from this tee is 492 yards

The alternative tee gives a hole of 537 yards and is probably even more daunting as it needs an accurate straight shot between the lake (which is now all the way down the right) and the out of bounds along the left hand side. From this tee the dogleg is 240 yards away. Once at the dog-leg the hole progresses slightly uphill to a two tier elevated green. Out of bounds runs all the way to the left hand side and bunkers either side protect the front approach to the green. A slight pull to the left is likely to get an unfavourable bounce into the out of bounds which is only 5 yards from the green.