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Hole 17

Par 4

White Course: 370 yards
Yellow Course: 341 yards
Red Course: 244 yards

The tee for this hole is just to the back right of the 16th green and attacks what was the 11th hole previously from a different angle. The tee aims towards the smallest lake on the course (by the 10th tee), so a fade is best for the tee shot. Once on the fairway the attack to the green is as the 11th hole.

The Red tee is further forward from the 11th red tee and to the left and provides an interesting ‘risk and reward’ tee shot with the centre of the green being 244 yards away. This provides an entirely different view of the hole from the 11th tee with the left hand side of the hole covered by trees, with a shot to the right in danger of finding a green side bunker.