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New Golf Rules for 2019

New rule books, with some illustrations, are now available from the club house – free of charge.

Some major changes are included with a view to improving the pace of play for a round of golf.

Brailsford are going to adopt these rules from the start of the winter league rather than wait until the official launch on 1st January 2019.

Some of the changes are:

  • 40 seconds allowance for playing a shot.
  • 3 mins allowed to search for a ‘lost’ ball.
  • Play when ready rather than wait for the furthest away.
  • Adoption of a “maximum score” policy for stroke play competitions
  • Defined dropping zones for penalty areas
  • Relaxation of rules relating to touching the ground / sand in penalty areas.

The “maximum Score” policy can be explained by following the examples below.

If the stroke index allows you 1 shot on a par 5 then a score of 8 on the hole will result in no points in a Stableford competition and will not have any affect to your handicap in a medal competition. So if you have taken 7 shots and your ball is not yet in the hole, then pick up your ball and record an 8 on your scorecard and move to the next hole.

Similarly if you have 2 shots on a par 4 then a score of 8 is too many to count

It also means that if you have (the maximum) 3 shots on a par 5 then 10 is too many to count and therefore no competition card should have any score greater than 10 recorded.

For further clarification please talk to the secretary and consult the rule books for expansion on the points above.














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